Hello world! Pleased to meet you!

Hello world! Pleased to meet you!

Hello hello and welcome to our new blog. We are very excited to create this blog for you! We are planning for this space to be chatty, informative, fun, and always entertaining. We will tell you more about ourselves in a minute, but here is a quick overview. Us Chatty Birds are a mother and two daughters scattered about Texas. We are always telling each other about new things we have tried, silly things we have done, discussing movies and shows, and talking about our day. It’s also true that each of us can tell a good story. We decided to bring all that goodness to you.

A recurring theme you will find through this blog is money. Meaning that none of us has any. So we are always looking for ways to save money, cheap yet good ways to get things done, and discussing what we determined was worth spending some money on. If you are looking for product reviews on the newest, most expensive items, this is the wrong place. If you are looking for a story about how we spent the weekend in the Caribbean, again, that’s not us. However, if you are wondering about how we run on very little funds, or how we take inexpensive family trips, or what products we tried and if we liked them or not, then pull up a chair because you have found a home.

We want this to be an audience participation blog so we will also be asking you questions. For example, if we have tried things that don’t work, what have you tried that does? Do you disagree with a product review we have given? Then please tell us why, and what you discovered with the same product. Do you have a good story to tell? Then please do. Just be sure to keep things positive and family friendly so that we all get along.

Now a bit about Us Chatty Birds:

Mom is Wren. She was a professional baker for twenty years, and has always been a nature lover. After baking and raising children to school age, she went to college, got a Bachelor of Science in Biology and now teaches Biology at a high school. This is the main reason that we have chosen to remain anonymous. She feels strongly that she can’t really tell a story about her students, her work day, or what’s happening at work unless she is anonymous. Talking about work will not be her main focus. She tells a good story, and likes to do product reviews for affordable products that help her life run smoothly. She just recently got into skin care and makeup and loves it. She will be talking often about skin care for dry aging skin, and makeup products she’s loving. She won’t limit herself to those things though; you never know what she will talk about next.

Chickadee is the eldest daughter currently living in a college town where she worked towards (but didn’t complete) a bachelor’s in English. She now works for the university and is looking into ways to get back into school after a long break. Due to her background in English and creative writing, she’s always happy to talk about any topics that interest her–crochet, origami, animals, decorating, sewing, her dog, mythology, random trivia, gardening, birds, novice CSS and HTML coding, serial killers and true crime, movies, Netflix, music, books, thrift store shopping, etc. Most of her topics will likely be related to crochet and the various trials and tribulations of her new rented home.

Owl is the youngest daughter with an old soul. She loves coupons, deals, and giveaways, especially if they involve arts and crafts, fun activities/items for her four pets (a dog and three ferrets). A musician, she loves to talk about new and upcoming artists (especially from Austin) and also remember the oldies but goodies. You can often find her posts often discussing her passion for animals or referring to hot new products of all kinds on the market.

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